Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama releases children's book as 'full legal basis' for drone strikes

In response to House Democrats demanding on Monday that President Barack Obama release information on the White House Administration's use of drone strikes, congress was sent a copy of "Our Friend Danny Drone," a children's book written by Obama. 

Inside sources have provided a preview of the book's contents.

Who's that up there all alone?
Why, he's our friend, Danny Drone.
Flying through the sky with glee,
Danny protects you and me.

When he kills, we insist
He only targets terrorists.
Who are all these bad men?
Well, sometimes they're American.

He strikes at them to save our oil
and may kill them on our own soil.
Danny must drop his bombs
So we can keep our dads and moms. 

He'll stop another 9/11
and an early trip to heaven.
Even though he'll sometimes miss,
It's the price we pay for this.

Next time you sit down for dinner
feeling like a U.S. winner,
Send a 'thank you' to the sky.
Danny Drone, he's our guy!

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