Monday, March 11, 2013

South Korea and US begin StarCraft II drills as North Korea threatens war

South Korea and the United States began drills Monday for the military science fiction real-time strategy video game, StarCraft II, as North Korea declared invalid the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953 and threatened to launch nuclear attacks on the US.

The 5-day computer gaming drills that started Monday involve 20 South Korean and about 14 American players who are preparing to compete in this weekend's Major League Gaming 2013 Pro Circuit Winter Championship being held in Dallas, Texas. Also continuing are large-scale North Korean military drills that may involve the single-party state's army, navy, and air force.

With the new 'StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm' expansion being released tomorrow, just days before the tournament, it is essential that the players receive as much exposure as possible to the new features that have only been available in closed beta testing. After three nuclear weapons tests, North Korea is continuing to pursue becoming a nuclear weapons state, stating that the military is prepared to execute a long-range nuclear missile attack to turn Washington D.C. into a "sea of fire."

Though North Korea said it is canceling nonaggression pacts and is threatening Seoul with nuclear war, the three-day winter championship promises to deliver an unprecedented event experience. The MLG competition will be broadcast live online at Viewers can be assured that North Korea is years away from having the necessary technology to successfully launch a nuclear missile.

As of this afternoon, both South Korean and US forces have stated that in the event a nuclear launch is detected, they would be able to determine the location of any small flashing red dots.

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