Monday, April 8, 2013

Dick Cheney Shared 'Criminal Thoughts' With Psychiatrist Before Iraq Invasion

Documents unsealed last week revealed that accused war criminal Dick Cheney shared "thoughts of willful killing and torture" with government psychiatrists in February of 2003.

According to an affidavit detailing a report, a mental health professional warned that Cheney was a "danger to the world." The alleged war criminal told psychiatrists that he "yearned to make a lot of money, even if it meant the deaths and inhumane treatment of civilians" There was no order for a psychiatric hold which would have detained Cheney for evaluation and possibly helped to prevent 60,000 civilian deaths and $39.5 billion in Iraq-related contracts for his Houston based oilfield services company.

"We had to invade iraq," said accused mass murderer James E. Holmes, "I think it was the smartest thing Dick Cheney helped do. He restored confidence in America."

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