Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Obama Money Plan Bad

Today, Obama made public his money plan for this year, which not anyone likes. It will not move through congress and it will not make jobs. No money plan can do that by itself though. Already, no one in congress likes it.

John Boehner did attack the plan again and again and Bernie Sanders said he would attack it too because of the cost of things that some people think all people have a right to. Other people in congress are not happy for it because it was made to make every person like it. 

Obama does not even like it very much. "It’s not the plan I want to use to pay less bills, it’s something I’m able to like," the president said four days ago. "It has things many of you have said they could like as well. It’s a way we can make things better together."

The money plan wants people with a lot of money to pay more tax and the government to give less money to old people but still give enough money to schools and roads. The plan will also still give money to space programs to put a person on a moving rock in space.

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