Friday, April 12, 2013

Pro-knife movement to arm unborn babies

Congress Steve Stockman (R-Texas), pro-knife advocate, has introduced H.R. 1526, the Weapons for Unborn Act of 2013 - a bill to require doctors performing abortions to arm unwanted fetuses with a choice of close combat weapon.

"I have one concern: protecting developing infants from dangerous abortion doctor predators," Stockman explained. "By arming qualified embryos and fetuses, we can create a safer situation for our unborn children."

The legislation has started a new social and political movement arguing that the human fetus and embryo is a person and therefore has a right to bear arms. The pro-knife movement now includes a variety of organizations and supporters with diverse arguments and rationales, with some activist allowing for unarmed abortions in exceptional circumstances such as the fetus having a history of criminal activity.

If the bill passes, women wanting to arm their embryo as soon as possible can take the controversial Plan-Blade pill, which implants a weapon next to a zygote as it attaches to the uterine wall.

"Clearly, an abortion ban is not wanted and it's time to try a new approach" the Congressman said in a statement today. "Human life begins at conception, with protection."

Stockman is expected to introduce another bill next week that will legalize same-sex marriage for fetuses only.

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