Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ann Coulter cuts out Latino's heart, eats it

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter surprised viewers on Sean Hannity's Fox News show when she carved into the body of a Latino immigrant and pulled out a heart.

"I swear to God we will eat your hearts out, you Mexican illegals. God is greater!" she said. "Undocumented aliens, we will take their hearts to eat them."

She then put the heart in her mouth and took a bite.

Coulter responded to a horrified Hannity by describing how the man who's heart she ate was receiving welfare assistance while living in the U.S.

"My point is: zero immigrants should be collecting government assistance," she said. "If you are collecting government assistance, it seems to me, can't we all agree that you are the kind of immigrant that needs his heart and liver removed and consumed?"

"We know we have our own welfare recipients in the U.S.," she added. "Fine, we'll bite into their vital organs too."

Hannity cried in response to the mutilation.

Fox News released a statement shortly after. "This was an isolated incident. Her actions do not represent Fox News. Her actions only represent herself. This is not just a normal person who sits home. She has been fighting her impending irrelevance and is known to do and say just about anything to stop it."

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